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An Internet Past Time...

Mark it, call it and circle today on the calendar. Today will be the day that I cancel my subscription to World of Warcraft for good. Unlike some, I'm not bitter about my time spent in "WoW". This has to be mentioned because you can't imagine how many jaded former WoW players I've encountered. Their general attitude is essentially a false sense of either entitlement, or some sort of wrong doing on the part of Blizzard Entertainment, the games creator. I shake my head at these people. It's a game, you played it, get over it. Think fondly of the good times and don't poo-poo it just because you've moved on.  

I for one had my share of both good times and bad. I had a great guild that I made a number of friends in. Some of you may actually be reading this right now. To you I say, cheers! We had a great thing going. It ended, but perhaps it was time. People move on and people grow up. The memories will always be there. 

The main reason that sparked all this has everything to do with the level of commitment I'm putting towards my writing. I don't have time to spend doing both writing and playing WoW. WoW isn't one of those casual games. And for a while WoW had beat out writing to a point where I was seriously considering not writing anymore.

But the level of enjoyment I get during my writing sessions are so much better than even the most epic gaming moments.  

I've probably droned on enough about stuff that only a small fraction of people really understand. The point is, expect more content from me. Soon, I hope. The short story I promised has become a lot bigger than I thought it would. Basically my main character has stolen the spotlight and he refuses to give it back. And when you eventually meet him, you'll realize that he'd have it no other way. These past few sessions have revealed to me a richer universe that I never knew existed. And this particular main character, who was supposed to simply be, 'the dark and cruel character', has revealed to me a level of depth that comes as a surprise to me. He has a rather interesting past, that I'm only now just beginning to uncover. Originally I thought he'd be nothing more than an angst-filled caricature; a mouthpiece of logic and sad reality to the more optimistic character's in the story. But he's surprised the hell out of me! There's something both cruel and heroic about him.

A lot of what I've written will probably be back-story. And I suspect to see some of what I have in the novel as well. My hope is that there will be enough left over for me to put up the short story that I promised. The short story is supposed to be a teaser for the novel and that has not changed. I just need to figure out if there will be enough of a story to tell that is interesting. The last thing any of us want, especially me, is another Phantom Menace.