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On Writing Sessions

Monday and Tuesday have seen two exceptional days of writing for me. On Monday I put in 6 full hours of non-stop writing! That's a new record for me and I ended up being quite pleased with what came out. Today, I was able to put in 2 more hours that completed Chapter 2 of the short story and got me started on Chapter 3.  

The story is currently very character driven and I think that is perfectly acceptable for a first draft. I really get bored writing heavy description when I'm still in the process of discovering what the hell is up with these characters and their reason for doing things which later turn into that other thing known as the plot. For me the first draft is all about dialog and motive. It's also about getting from Point A to Point B. I'll use the revision time to flesh out the descriptions and really create a compelling world/setting/hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop. 

In my last post I complained about feeling restricted by the use of an outline and that some of my best writing comes out of the discoveries made while writing on-the-fly. I'm finding that discovery is not stifled by restrictions. The more I write, and especially in these past two session I am learning more and more about my two main characters and the world(s) they live in.  

The other thing I've discovered about these past 2 writing sessions is how much of a stress reliever they have been. My mother said to me today how she remembered whenever I was stressed as a teenager, I would write and not be stressed anymore. I am finding this to be true now that I'm older and have a lot more to stress out about. I really haven't a care in the world right now. I think this is the case because, for me, writing is a form of escapism that doesn't involve killing Orcs with my keyboard. There is an attachment that I have with these characters and this world that is unlike anything I have ever experienced in a video game or in literature. I think because these characters and these places are mine. They're a part of me. It's weird, I know. Anyway: tl;dr: Writing Session = Good