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Ice Age

Despite the public outcry in support of global warming, with claims of dramatic heating of the planet, the years of 2013 to 2025 saw the advent of the next ice age. In that time period the five mile thick ice shelf of Antarctica tripled in size, Greenland became a crossroads that connected Canada, Eastern Europe and Great Britton, and everything just below Minnesota was covered under seven to ten miles of ice. The climate of the Midwestern United States changed to resemble a heavy winter in Alberta. New York skyscrapers were buried or turned into a colony of concrete and steel hovels amidst a desert of a frozen arid land. The large glaciers formed in the oceans, continent-size masses that had broken free from the growing lands circling the North and South Poles. Russia and Australia, buried in ice to an altitude that put Kilimanjaro to shame, had become a dead zone, void of all but the hardest of souls. New Boston was established between the two Carolina's and York was being built within the ruins of a once popular Floridian amusement park. There were rumors that the lands further south were actually free of snow and ice, but these lands, from the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico and into Brazil were reputed land belonging to the Iron Pirates. And in spite of the cities, most of the meager population had retreated underground, where the warmth could still be felt.