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Totally Stoked!

I'm not the most patient person.

Growing up I was the kid who would be so excited for Christmas that I'd not be able to fall asleep and then would cry about it because if I didn't sleep then Santa wouldn't bring me presents. One year I was such a pain in the ass to my wonderful parents that I set the alarm clock to go off at 2AM. They were not happy.

I say all this to set the stage for what happens when my favorite comic book author, Ben Dunn, agreed to commission a drawing for me. I became like the little kid waiting for Christmas again.

But it was totally worth the wait, for here is the awesome work that he did for me:

This is actually my character in Warcraft that you can easily find under Links at the top of the page. Really awesome and I'm really happy how it came out.

It was first brought to my attention that artists like Ben Dunn did commissioned work after receiving a joint gift between my brother and friend. 

As you can see, Ben Dunn has become my go-to artist for all things video game related. Castlevania: CHECK. World of Warcraft: CHECK