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Too hot for TV

I've not posted in a while. Bad for blogging. Bad AT blogging.  


The Steam Summer Sale has ruined me this past week. Picked up both Batman Arkham games for $12.12, Dues Ex 2 for under $5, and New Vegas for all the Fallout fans out there.  


Onto other things: 

Ben Dunn has been running a very successful Kickstarter campaign for a book of sketches and other work that he's done, including commissioned work that he's done. He's reached the halfway make of the campaign and has exceeded his initial goal by a tone. But please, still donate, even if it's just a buck. I get the impression that he was very surprised at the turnout. I've always felt that Ben Dunn's work was awesome. Now it would appear that I was right and that others think so as well. 

I'm thinking about pitching one of my stories to him. I think it'd make an impressive comic. I just need to put together a summery and treatment first and send it over through the proper channels. 1 in a million shot, but definitely worth asking.

I'll be taking the week of 8/5 off, so expect more out of me then. Until then, perhaps you'll hear more about how New Vegas is much harder than vanilla Fallout 3, and that Arkham Asylum and City are sooooo much better on the PC than on the xBox.  

And in the meantime, go donate to Ben Dunn's Kickstarter. And if you're interested in his work, head over to AP's website, or hit me up in the comment section.