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Summer nights, wine, bug spray, and a campfire.

It's vacation time and I'm living it to the fullest. I checked out a tattoo place in WB and they're going to do my Death tattoo from the Sandman comic. I guess I have Neil Gaiman to thank for the creation of the character, and Ben Dunn to thank for his interpretation of the character. (See my sites gallery for what I'm getting. The gallery is called "The Cobra Arena of Sport", which is a callback to the first season of the G.I. Joe cartoon. I'll tell you more about it if you feel like asking).

The place I'm getting this ink done is Zaza Ink  and they guy I talked too seems to know if shit really well. The Wife got a really great vibe from him and I think they are really cool.

I'm drinking. Wine is good. I've made a point to tell everyone this well known fact several time in my silly drunkenness. It's a good thing I'm a silly drinker and not an angry drinker. There's not enough time in the day to be angry and drunk. 

Fun Fact: A windshield that is advertised as being 'noise dampening' really does work. We have the technology. It has been tested both on the highway and around town.   

It's my birthday week, so feel free to send me your birthday wishes in the form of Donation thanks to the sites new donations button. As an incentive I'll write you into my current story. And depending on the amount given will determine if the character is a minor or major character.

Not much else really to say. But I have kept true, so far, to blogging each day. Till tomorrow my friends.