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I just Discovered Awesomeness on the InterWebs!



Click the link, damnit! 

This guy is awesome! 

I was a little board and when that happens I either play lots and lots of video games OR I conduct web searches on fictitious maps and floor plans. It's my thing. It's weird and random, but everyone needs a thing. Search for Gotham City map sometime. Trust me, it's cool.

Why this guy is awesome is not just because of his floor plan of The Gracey Mansion, (The Haunter Mansion at Disney World), but also for the map of New York from Ghost Busters, AND AND AND 10 newspaper articles from a made-up newspaper from Main Street USA in Disney World. This is amazing!

A while ago I bitched about fandom, and I'm not sorry in the least for that post. But I will say that not all fandom is the product of OCD obsession. This is an example of taking what you love from movies and theme park lore and making something beautiful.

This is not merely gushing over Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch. That shit's just shallow.

Today the Internet surprised and amazed me. There may be hope for humanity after all.