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With All this Writing, Who has Time to Blog

Going to try to make this quick. Blogging on the iPad app from bed. Pecking away at the virtual keyboard.
I finally 'found time to write'. Talked it over with The Wife, rejiggered my schedule working at the library. Now the two hours between 4PM - 6PM belong to writing books. This is the first time in a very very long time that I feel excited about writing again.

Sneak preview: Currently working on a spinoff of the Dream story. It's either going to be a short story or a novella, (probably a novella). It will help set up a lot of the events that take place in the novel. The main character is one cold hearted, cruel monster of a man who is feared by many in the duel realms of Reality and Dream. He's also one of the 'good guys'. The working titles is "The Girl, the Dragon, and the Temple of Night". Again, working title. Don't hold me too it.

Oh yeah, and here comes the greedy capitalist part: Going to be selling this spinoff. Haven't decided to sell it directly from this site or through something like Amazon. Average joes like me can sell ebooks there. But don't tell anyone. I don't want that secret getting out. Amazon probably means more visibility. But I still need to read up on it more.

K. Sleepy. I'll blog something with more substance soon.