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American Werewolves

On Reading:

Neil Gaiman is a great writer. This probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. And before you accuse me of pandering, please note that I am simply referring to the man's ability to write. I'm not going to jump on Pinterest now and gush about his sexy hair or anything. 


"American Gods" is a novel about, well, gods and how they enter existence through the beliefs of humanity. A god goes out of fashion, they're forgotten and their power wanes. People of the modern age turn their beliefs in abstractions to the more tangible: televisions and technology, and poof, new gods!

I'm not going to review the entire book. What I liked about it was that he weaved several compelling stories throughout the course of the novel that came together in a very satisfying way. Gaiman could have serialized the story, the way King did with "The Green Mile." There were some very distinct breaks that kept the story fresh.

Patricia Briggs has written a series of paranormal tales in the same vein as Supernatural, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries with her protagonist, Mercedes Thompson. You'll know the books I'm taking about because they feature a hot, dark-haired bombshell with tattoos, usually holding a wrench or other tool commonly found in a mechanics garage, amid a goth backdrop. I picked up this book because I needed something light to read between the Historian and American Gods. I also wanted to read something sexy, but I have to say, it wasn't nearly as sexy as the cover would have you believe. I guess that old saying about book covers is true. Regardless, it was a good story in a genre littered with over-sexed characters and full-frontal male werewolf nudity. 


On Writing:

Part 1 of the book will be done tonight.

After a long talk with one of my writing buddies, and some careful thinking, I'm not going to go the Amazon self-publishing route. For me it's took risky and I really think this story would do better in more traditional markets. So I'm going to be querying agents once the story is done. My endgame is to make books, physical books, that'll be put on sale in book stores, book store I may one day be in, during book tours.

Hey, that Rhymes.