C. G. McGinn


Ramblings about Books and Writing


Reading Lovecraft brought me back to that time in college when 'homework' consisted of reading entire novels from huge-ass anthologies, written during a time when the ice man would deliver huge blocks of -what else- ice to non-electrical steel cabinets that predated the refrigerator. I think there was a 3 Stooges episode about that very thing -the ice delivery part, not the reading. Hilarious.

Lovecraft was surprisingly visceral. The horror concepts he mapped out were far ahead of his time, and once you make it past the dry and dusty language, it's really quite chilling. He's not one I'd read everyday. It's good writing, but not entertaining writing -if that makes any sense.

Samson recommended Patrick Rothfuss's "Name of the Wind". I'm about 3 hours into it and it's very good. It's refreshing to read something that's both fantasy and dark, without having "Game of Thrones" and HBO somewhere on the cover.

"Hidden Mountain" the first novella in the Ice Bible Anthology is ready for The Editor. The manuscript and notes have all been gathered and are ready to be sent out to her for November 1st. Work on the 2nd novella is slow. I'm torn by what direction I want to take it. I guess that's normal though. A lot of stories change quite a bit from their first draft.

Samson and I marathon-watched the Matrix trilogy over the long weekend. Watching an entire series of movies back-to-back-to-back is something to be appreciated. You experience a greater depth of the characters and their story arches that I think is lost when there's a pause between each installment. The differences between the first movie, and 2&3 are very apparent. But something is gained seeing the complete work in one sitting -well, one sitting with beer, nachos, and pee breaks.

There's a fan edit of the 2nd&3rd Matrix films that I would almost-literally kill to see. I don't know if my meager audience has any insight into this, but what the hell, there it is. Internet, do your thing.