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On This Day

The FaceBag has this feature called On This Day. I started clicking on it not that long ago to discover what I'd been up to in years past, according to FaceBag lore. On this day, 8 years ago, you commented on someone's FaceBag and they gave it a Like!

I actually find the feature helpful. I've learned that if I go back 8 years and see what I was posting, I really was quite the asshole back then. I'd like to think that I'm less of one now, but who knows. If I am progressing to a state of, tolerable, to both myself and my peers, then I am truly sorry for anyone who had to deal with me pre-FaceBag, in college.

Or maybe the FaceBag made me this way, as all forms of social media--including this blog--are but methods of continually stroking ones already inflated ego.

On This Day 4 years ago, I posted my first blog entry here and gave the world the Spinach and Artichoke dip recipe that I use to this very day. In fact, just the other day I made the dip for a work event on Saint Patrick's Day and it went over very well.

Looking at the numbers, I don't have a very big following. I never have. I'm OK with that. Aside from talking about what other people have written, I don't really have a lot to offer. Maybe one day that will change. Until then, I'll keep writing--both here and in fiction--knowing that I'm at least not the same asshole I was 8 years ago.