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The Avalanches

Back in the day I was a DJ for the college radio station. We would get these CDs that had over a dozen or so popular songs ranging from hip-hop to alt, country and everything in between. It was a poor-DJs Top 40 and we'd get a new CD every month I think. 

There was always several obscure titles with every monthly installment--one of which was a tune called Frontier Psychiatry by the group, The Avalanches. 

How does one describe The Avalanches? They're an Australian Electronic band. They've only released two albums, one of which came out back in July.

Since I Left You is a heavily sampled work. It's a mixture of ambient and hip-hop beats. Each song blends into the next, and the entire album shares a continuous theme. For me, the album is a trip to Hawaii, back in an iconic version of the 1950's.

If I made a Listening List in the same vein as this site's Reading List, Since I Left You would be on the Top 5. I don't think I'm going to make a Listening List though. As you can see, I don't have a whole lot of depth when it comes to describing music, even albums I like. 

Wildflower is good, albeit, very different. The band is much smaller now and the theme is something I haven't found yet. I've only listened to the album a couple times from start to finish. There's a lot more hip-hop on this album. I like the beats, but it's a different kind of album. Where I'd recommend Since I Left You, I'd only suggest Wildflower if you really liked what you heard on the first album.

Avalanche songs have a way of growing on you, so maybe I just need time to adjust to the new style in their second album. Hell, I've had sine the early 2000's to listen to their first album. Perhaps in 17 years I'll feel the same way about Wildflower that I do Since I Left You.