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News About Alerts from the Google

I set up a Google Alert for any hits on my name in the Google. I'm that much of a narcissist that I need to know when I show up in Google. Anyone can do this. It's easy. I remember it being easy, though I couldn't tell you how I did it.

I've received 3 alerts. The first 2 are not me, but they are horrible people who happen to share my name.

The first was a talented individual who was arrested for cooking meth...while driving.  

The second was some UK 'bloke' who abused dogs. Another winner.

But the third is all me, baby!

Just a wholesome writer hosting a book club. The first meeting happens this Thursday, the 28th at 7PM. Be there or don't. Either way I will be there talking about, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.

I can promise you there will be no cooking meth while driving, or abusing animals because I'm too busy growing weed.

There will be a lot of good, passionate discussion of a book I greatly enjoyed reading the first time, and am loving during this second read-through. Read the book and come participate, or don't read the book and listen to me...and other people, talk.