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Back on Twitter....sorta

Let me start out by saying that Twitter, FaceBag, all of these SociNets are festering pits of hate, anger and douche baggery of the highest order. Anyone who posts regularly on their sucks in my most humble opinion.

I of course, mean that in the nicest way possible.

As a platform to advertise this blog, it's the only game in town, so I will use it so long as it's viable.

I had a 'personal' Twitter account that I seldom used. I got rid of it. I now have a public facing account associated with this website. I will not tweet about the President, or about the last President, or about whatever people are virtue signaling about this week.

This will always be  a site about writing and what I'm reading.

Here's what I'm currently up to so I can justify using the appropriate hashtags in this post:

I'm finishing The Day After Rosewell. Full post coming soon.

Per everyone's request, I'm also reading book 1 of the Stormlight Archives (AKA: The Way of Kings). One day I may actually finish it. It's quite the epic read.

Ever expanding and editing my 2nd Novella. Soon it will be a novel...and then I'll be a real boy!