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Support Ben Dunn and Ninja High School! Do it!

Do it NOW! 

I've sold out to The Man. And in this case The Man is Ben Dunn , American Anime Grand Daddy of Awesomeness. And here is where it all began. Ben Dunn is Ben Dunn because of Ninja High School. This comic got me through my awkward teenage years. Then it got me through my awkward college years. And then it got me through my awkward, "I have a college degree but I'm still working retail and I'm living in my grandfather's house" years.

Well now he's starting up the series that, if history has told us anything, will probably get me through those awkward married adult years. I for one cannot wait.

So, besides me gushing out Ben Dunn, you should all go over to his kickstarter page and donate a few bucks for this worthwhile endeavor. 

And if anyone is curious about Ninja High School, or thinks they want to get into reading it, let me know, and you can go through my collection with clean hands, a medical mask, and rubber gloves.