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Support your Indie Comic Book Companies



I've referenced Antarctic Press in the past and they totally got me through those awkward pre-adult years. Now they're in a bit of a bind and I think it would be really great if people would donate to keep an independent comic publisher like AP going. In creative media, whether it's books, media or comics, there should always be a 'little' guy and a 'medium-sized' guy to serve as a refreshing alternative to the big-guys. Where the big movies studios will pump out an endless line of crap like Spiderman reboots, and the big comic book companies will pump out endless crap...er...like Spiderman reboots, companies like Antarctic press will put out compelling, creator-driven material.

Donate a buck and feel all good and happy inside. It's like giving blood, or voting, or maybe jumping over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros. Or give more and get some awesome AP swag. Maybe you've never heard of AP and with this quick and easy donation you'll get some awesome titles that you never knew existed.

Anyway, get on it and help out the guys who make great titles and keep the big companies from completely monopolizing the comic book industry.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.