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A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

A Man Called Ove is not a book I'd normally be drawn to read. But I have two jobs in two different-enough geographical location--and when co-workers from both jobs start telling me that I have to read this book, then I listen. I shrug out of my set-in-stone ways, and I read the book.

A Man Called Ove is about a man set in his ways. He's pushing 60, he lives alone, and he's had just about enough of this crazy world and all it's do-nothing millennials, new-fangled technology and a disposable society that's forgotten how to fix something as simple as a bike. He's a man from a simpler time trying to find  his place in this strange new world.

I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the reader. It reminded me of the movie, Up, only much more adult, and real--and lacking a talking dog and chubby Asian kid.

Resident Evil bundle on Steam.

Yes, it's happening.

Wait a minute. Hold on.

It's Happening.gif

It's actually the Capcom Publisher weekend on Steam. So there's more than just Resident Evil games. However, Resident Evil is the reason to play Capcom games. Everything else is just sorta, meh...Except for Bionic Commando.

I've been playing Resident Evil games off and on since 1998 when the first iteration of the game came out. Throughout high school and college I religiously followed the series--playing the hell out of RE1 and RE2. I played RE3 maybe once, along with Code Veronica.

Resident Evil 4 revitalized the series for me. It was funny, creepy and had somewhat of an open-world feel for a game that really wasn't open-world at all. I played through most or Resident Evil 5, but never finished it and I don't even know what happens in Resident Evil 6. RE 7 looks awful. I hear it's very scary. It probably is. But it doesn't look like a Resident Evil game to me. I guess like Ove, I'm a man set in my way. I like my Resident Evil games a certain way. Once you go changing it on me, I think it's strange and weird, and should get the hell off my lawn.

Researching Settings in the Desert

What began as research on a new character turned into an all day binge researching session on a somewhat major setting in the story. This setting has only been referred to by other characters, but the reader has not been there yet.

I guess this place is different from other settings in the story because it is based on a real location in the real world, while everywhere else is made up.

I spent the day on Google Earth and the Internet, lost somewhere in the Nevada wilderness. I was looking into the Nevada National Security Site (N2S2). There's a huge facility out there and this was one of the main locations where they tested nuclear weapons back in the '60s. I really wanted to keep true to what is actually out there because I think it makes for a stronger story. Anyone can conjure up a secret lair in the heart of an active volcano. But if that lair were built on the foundation (both literal and figurative), of an actual mountain used to store nuclear waste, it makes for a much more compelling setting, in my humble opinion. 

I've been marking up Google Earth with various pushpins and paths, trying to put together not just a base of operations, but a very large section of map that will be used both now and it future stories in this particular series. There's a lot of ground to cover and I almost wish Google Earth had more friendly tools for doodling all over their maps. A desert wilderness in Nevada might appear flat in boring. But when you add the nuclear mountain repository, research facilities, test sites,  airfields, army bases, Area 51, and a closed town built specifically to house the government employees and their families, you end up with a story in and of itself.

"They're waiting for you Gordon...In the test chamber."

Summer Vacation is Over

Well, for me it is anyway. Going back to work tomorrow. I can honestly say though that I feel somewhat accomplished. Granted, I did spend a considerable amount of time gaming. I beat the hell out of Arkham City. But i was also able to get some concrete ideas written down for the Dream story. I now have a much clearer picture of where things are going. The world these characters exist in feels more like a real place and a lot less like the clouded visage of a dream.  

This week was more about world building and research than it was about writing. I think it will all make for a much better story.  

In a way I am glad the vacation is ending. I'm ready to get back to work. There's a lot to do and i think i have just over a week before classes start. I'm also getting a new tattoo on Saturday and I'm pretty excited. Who would have thought I'd be a tattoo guy? I certainly didn't. In homage to the subject of the tattoo, I started following Neil Gaiman on Twitter.  

That seems to be the long and short on the end of this little break from the day to day. Until another idea pops into my head...