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Dance Monkey Dance

If you host a show, and you feel that your 'personal' comments that have nothing to do with the content of the show will not effect your viewers and subscriptions, than you my friend are sadly mistaken. Entertainment takes many forms, be it pod-casting, writing, or acting. But the foundation remains the same. To your audience you are nothing more than a monkey trained to dance to a carnival tune. Your audience, your listeners, your readers expect but one simple thing from you: to dance. Dance monkey dance! Should you decide to deviate from their expectations, don't be surprised if they deviate from you. Today I turned my back on two shows that enjoyed listening to, with hosts that I had once respected. But since they decided to preach their politics over social media, and then complain when they received criticism for said politics, hiding behind the guise of "this is my personal account and I can say what I want, blah blah blah", I decided to stop listening. The monkey stopped dancing. I stopped watching the monkey not dance. When I develop a readership, and should I decide to bore you all to death with political rants, then please, stop reading. Go find another blog and author to haunt. If you leave me to my own delusions that we as a free-thinking people should all think the same way, then I will respect you for your convictions. I don't want you to think the same way I do. And I will not be bullied into thinking as you do. If I stop dancing, then please, walk away, for I will do the same.