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Big News of the Week

So here is the plan. I'd really like to kick things off with a bang. Some of you may know that I have roughly 3 stories in varying stages of done-ness. These three stories, code named "Dante", "Simon", and "Somewhere" have been projects that have been simmering for years now. One day I'll finish them, but for now, I feel, they've grown stale. The story in each of them interest me, but the process of writing them does not.

So I'm going to start writing something new. I very small portion of it is currently in the WIP section of this site, titled "Five". I will be expanding upon this in a series of chapters that will focus on the characters of the piece. I see there being many characters in this story, so if I can make a concise piece that introduces the character, while giving you, the reader a taste for the universe they live in and how they interact with each other and said universe, it will probably make telling the story that much easier.  You'll already know the people.

This character study will be part of a much bigger story about dreams. The story will essentially ask the question about where dreams come from. Are they simply an elaborate manifestation of our subconscious? Or do they originate from somewhere outside of ourselves? Can my dreams connect with your dreams in the same manner that my words connect to your words in the form of email or internet chat? Or, can I interact with you in a shared dream in the same fashion as I would on a shared server, in an MMORPG?

My hope is that this interests you as much as it interests me.

More to come very soon.