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An Age Old Excuse

Everyone will say that their reason for not doing something, or for something that usually happens not happening, has something to do with the time of year. The Holiday Season is a great scapegoat for justified slackery.

And I for one embrace this useful excuse for why I haven't written or blogged as regularly as I'd have liked.

In all honesty, with Thanksgiving happening so late, Christmas 2013 has unexpectedly fallen upon me in the same way that the tsunami fell on Tea Leoni and her dad in the movie 'Deep Impact.' The only difference being, I'm not dead...but I still have a great deal of Christmas shopping to do, so I think we can all agree that Tea Leoni came out the winner in all this.

I've discovered that I'm the type of person who will avoid things that I do not understand until I absolutely can't avoid it any longer. Somehow I push through it, it all gets done despite it not happening in a timely manner. I think I'm there right now with the story. Right now the antagonist is this abstract idea. It's not tangible. The "villain" is very 2-dimensional. Right now he pretty much sucks at this job of being a villain. I keep going back to this idea that maybe his lack of substance is the point. Maybe he is supposed to be this obvious 2D antagonist in order to distract the protagonists and the reader from the true antagonist. Right now I have a puppet, and I'm toying with the idea of keeping him that way or killing it all together. 

Two new characters entered from stage-left. One is big and the other is tiny.

I have a Christmas party to go to tonight and I'd like to be able to say in a somewhat bragging tone, that I spent the day writing and that I've really begun to shape the story. Not sure if that'll happen yet but we shall see. 


Celebrate Turkey-Day the Ravishing Way!

No, you didn't mis-click and end up on my brother's blog. (That's 2 endorsements, bro).

Growing up, Thanksgiving was the holiday spent with uncles, aunts, and cousins. There was typically a lot of yelling and tears, that mostly happened prior to our arrival of their house. I didn't -not- like spending time with the extended family, but the years spent much later, when Thanksgiving was just with the immediate family were so much easier and fun, partly because we didn't have to drive anywhere.

So my fondest childhood memory of Thanksgiving had to have been the WWF Survivor Series from 1989. It was mine and my brother's first major Pro Wrestling event. It also happened the evening of Thanksgiving, so after the spectacle that was Thanksgiving dinner, we had a good 2 solid hours of wrestling entertainment. I'll let my bro tell you all about the wrestling event. As for me, I'll talk more about what I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for:

1. My wife. Because it goes without saying that she's awesome. She makes me coffee when I ask, and she has a sense of humor that's both unique and a bit evil that syncs up nicely with my own. She also is my number 1 fan and support when it comes to writing. She doesn't let me get away without it and for that I'm most thankful for.

2. My job. It's nice to have one. It's also nice to have a job with benefits that didn't get canceled on me. So not only is it simply a job, but it's a damn good job that made sure the help stayed happy. Having been unemployed and knowing what a lack of job security feels like, it's really great to have some form a stability in these crazy-stupid times.

3. My family. This includes the mom and dad, the sister and brothers. But it also extends to The Wife's folks and fam as well. In spite of the reality television and family drama, which no family is exempt from, we all somehow manage to get along.

4. My friends. We don't see each other all the time, but I know that they're a text or phone call away. There are the friends I've had forever and the new friends I've met through work. You guys are great.

These sort of "I'm thankful for" posts always feel a bit stale for me. I'm mean, what am I supposed to say: I'm not thankful for my family, or, I'm thankful for my iPhone and headphones? That might be both creepy and funny but in the end, it's kinda sad. If that's what you're into, go watch some Real Housewives or read a supermarket tabloid.

It's good take a minute, at least once a year to put things into perspective though. Were it not for my family, I'd probably be homeless right now. And having no friends would probably speak volumes to who I am as a person. The term, "basement dweller" comes to mind. I'm thankful for not being a basement dweller despite my predisposition towards IT and computers. And speaking of computers, I'm so very, deeply, utterly, profoundly, and ultimately thankful that I do not work in retail anymore. It's nice having a job in a field that is based on a skill that the 'common man' does not possess. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have the nuke codes or anything. But it's surprising what I know compared to what the 'average joe' knows. It's kinda like how I don't know squat about building a house, but my father-in-law could probably do it from start to finish in a weekend...maybe a long weekend.

And lastly, you have to be thankful for your wife...unless you're the one who is the wife in which case you're probably married to a dude...or a wife if that's your thing. I don't judge. Regardless, your significant other has got to be the most important person in your world. I'm thankful that she and I didn't meet over the Internet and that she was never brought up on charges of possession of a weapon of mass destruction. I'm also thankful that we're still together despite a bumpy first few years of marriage. If needed, she'd probably drop everything for me, were I in trouble. I'd probably do the same for her. I like to think so anyway. She also keeps me honest. In real life I'm a terrible liar. But I'm really good at lying to myself. She keeps me in check and I need that.

Anyway, I'm done being thankful for stuff. I haven't had a single piece of turkey yet but I have had a relaxing morning which is something I am also thankful for. I like a good morning to ease into. I'm armed with coffee and have spewed enough words on the screen to start writing make-believe things.

Happy Thanksgiving